what we offer

Always dedicated and devoted

Technical Resource Services

If you have questions about lighting codes, need help with a lighting design, or just want a catalog, give us a call or send us an email. Through our use of Visual 2.6 and Autocad, we are equipped to provide you with technical assistance throughout the life cycle of your projects.

Theatrical/Lighting Controls

Whether you need to dim a conference room or light a theatre, our experienced theatrical and dimming staff is ready to make your job easier.

Specifications/Distributor/Contractor Sales

We understand that there are often as many decision makers as there are steps in the life cycle of a project. Our talented sales staff has the tools and experience to realize the expectations of those decision makers.

Quotations/Customer Service

The Quotes and Customer Service teams work closely with the sales team to ensure timely and accurate pricing for all of your projects.

We understand that there are sometimes questions that occur during a project. This is why our Customer Service professionals are ready to handle every issue that may arise during the ordering, delivery, and post-sale process.