2018 nLight Customer Training Course Schedule


Would you like to be nLight-ened on how to install and program nLight Controls?

nLight Basic Installation:

Join us for a morning training session on Best Practices of Installing nLight Controls.
A revolutionary system that brings “distributed intelligence” to a lighting control system.

nLight Bluetooth Programming:

Join us for a afternoon training session on programming Non-networked nLight Controls via Bluetooth. Quick, basic programming of a nLight non-networked room.

SensorView Programming:

Join us for a 1-Day training session on programming nLight Controls using SensorView.


Below are the dates and times of our classes from August to November 2018.

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August 28th 8am – 11am  |  nLight Basic Installation

August 28th 12pm – 4pm  |  nLight Programming Via NIO BT

August 29th 8am – 4pm  |  SensorView Programming


September 18th 8am – 11am |  nLight Basic Installation

September 18th 12pm – 4pm |  nLight Programming Via NIO BT

September 19th 8am – 4pm |  SensorView Programming


October 16th 8am – 11am |  nLight Basic Installation

October 16th 12pm – 4pm |  nLight Programming Via NIO BT

October 17th 8am – 4pm |  SensorView Programming


November 13th 8am – 11am |  nLight Basic Installation

November 13th 12pm – 4pm |  nLight Programming Via NIO BT

November 14th 8am – 4pm |  SensorView Programming


No Classes in December!